Is possible can connect a VM to your LAN and use it as other physical devices, just follow these steps.

  • When the machine is powered off, in VirtualBox Manager, click on the Network panel on the right. Change the setting Adapter 1 > Attached to to “Bridged Adapter” and click OK.
  • Start up your virtual machine, then enter ifconfig (in the guest) and note the IP address assigned to your main network adapter. In my case this was

You can now start and stop the virtual machine using the VBoxManage command from your terminal and then SSH into the machine.

To power on:

$ VBoxManage startvm "Ubuntu Server" --type headless

And to power off:

$ VBoxManage controlvm "Ubuntu Server" poweroff

Where “Ubuntu Server” is whatever you called your virtual machine (the name it has in the VirtualBox Manager GUI).